Friday, September 6, 2013

Master Bath Remodel

We are finally remodeling our master bath!  When I say finally... I mean FINALLY.  Our shower, in our master bedroom,  has looked like this for 3 YEARS!!

One evening, I was making dinner and heard a loud banging sound coming from the front of the house.... I was nervous, but not overly alarmed.  My husband tends to "work on things" and usually it is not a big deal. Well this time I was wrong.  He decided to rip out our shower, COMPLETELY, after spotting some mold behind one of the panels.  Now... don't get me wrong this girl does not want mold in her house, let alone in the bathroom near where I sleep, but I was not mentally prepared to walk into my bathroom day in and day out and see this mess....

We had only been living in our home for a few months, we were planning a wedding, and expecting LOTS of company soon. So like any normal wife I figured he had a plan to replace the shower immediately upon removal.... oh I was soooo wrong!

He said:

"don't worry babe we will get it all fixed up before the wedding" (that we were having AT OUR HOUSE)

then I heard....

"don't worry babe we will get it done before Christmas"


"don't worry babe before we have kids"


"before baby arrives the shower WILL BE DONE"

you get my point.

I am not saying he's a liar... ohh dear hunny I know you meant is just that a girl NEEDS her bathroom!

We did not realize that we somehow owned the largest shower known to man and it was going to cost our first born son to pay for the remodel.   Well let's be honest "the remodel" that this YUPPIE girl wanted, not the one my husband would have settled for. We plan to be in this house for many years and I didn't want to put back in a standard corner shower with pre-molded siding (like the one we had).  No... I wanted my "pinterest" bathroom!  duhhh

See what you get hunny when you go out ripping up a shower without asking ;-).  Maybe there is mold behind our kitchen cabinets hunny?! - wink wink.

Without further ado. ....

I am happy to announce our amazing, SUPER TALENTED friend Chris over at Cut Designs started work this week on our master bath.  OHH THIS MAMA IS HAPPY!

When I left for work in the morning yesterday the pony wall was going up.

When I arrived home it was all sealed off and really starting to look like a shower again!

 Cut Designs staff have been very professional, clean, and extremely helpful in helping us design our shower. 

I cannot wait to share more photos as it comes together!

Have you ever had to wait an exorbitant amount of time to get a house project done?  
I am sure I am not the only one... am I.. am I??


  1. Nope your not alone,I am still working on the laundry room. Maybe some day it too will get finished.

    1. I hope so! I know it is soo hard to wait for your projects!

  2. How's it coming along? Did you get it finished? I want to see more pics!


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