Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chai Spiced Pear Sauce (new take on apple sauce)

I love when the weather starts to cool off and you can fill your home with yummy treats in the crock pot. I love making apple sauce, but my husband is allergic to apples!!  I know right... shoot me now!  So I recently came up with a great alternative - pear sauce!  It is delicious.  Combining that with his favorite seasoning - Chai spice!  It is a winner.

10 ripe pears  - pears are the one fruit you want to pick or buy green and hard, then let soften at home, otherwise they can have a grainy texture  (you can also split this into 1/2 pears and 1/2 apples)
1 tsp Vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
1 tea bag of Organic Chai Tea (I used this brand--->http://amzn.to/17GUSEv ), open the tea bag and use the contents or "spices" inside
1 tsp cinnamon

**of course you can adjust this to how many pears/apples you have on hand.  The amount listed above should make one quart sized mason jar full of Chai Spiced Apple Pear Sauce.

Peel and core the pears (and apples if using them), I used a pairing knife, it is quite simple to peel and core ripe pears because they are so soft. Cut the fruit into large chunks or big bite sized pieces, this does not have to be perfect, they will break down as the cook.

Add the fruit along with the rest of the ingredients to the crock pot and stir to coat well.

The pears will break down much faster than a traditional apples sauce (see my crock pot apple sauce recipe). Cook it on high for 2 hours or low for 4 hours.  Cooking time depends on your crock pot, the ripeness of your pears, and how "saucy" you want it.   ha... saucy, yup I just said it and we are not at the club!

Do you make fruit "sauces" other than apple?  I love trying new things, I would love to hear from you!


  1. So you eat the black tea leaves?

  2. I know it sounds crazy, but I have seen this method used in Chai Spiced Ice Cream, so I thought I would give it a try here. It cooks for hours in the sauce, breaking down, you will never know it was there. But to answer your question, yes technically we eat the black tea leaves, but if yo have ever opened up the tea bag I have recommended, it is not like typical tea, there are more spices that tea, and the tea leaved that are there are very very small. I even fed this to my 11 month old.

  3. Hmmm, that was my question too. This sounds so yummy!


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